Artpace invests in our youth by offering contemporary art programming that challenges students to think critically and creatively about their own lives and the world around them. Each program aims to educate, engage, and to spark a dialogue about contemporary art that nourishes the mind, ignites imagination, and builds community. Contact Artpace Education at for more information, to schedule visits, or to become part of our programs for educators and students. All programs are available in Spanish.

School Programs

Artpace’s education initiatives are guided by the premise that art education should be available to all students, free of charge. Artpace provides San Antonio and greater South Texas students with the opportunity to intimately interact with contemporary art that is being seen by the public for the very first time. Our four-step, inquiry-based method integrates the interdisciplinary content of Artpace’s exhibitions into curricula that challenge students to think critically and creatively about their own lives and the world around them.

Each program is designed with four goals in mind: to look at contemporary art; learn vocabulary and concepts through dialogue; create works of art in response; and reflect on the process. The experience fosters self-discovery and critical thinking by calling on students to examine contemporary art through interactive exploration and the cultivation of individual responses.

Artpace’s grade-specific programs are keyed to national and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for fine arts, emphasizing perception, creative expression/performance, historical/cultural heritage, and response/evaluation.

Customize Your Artpace Experience

Looking for a way to personalize your experience? Contact the Artpace Education team at to find out how to enhance your Artpace interaction.

Community Programs

Artpace’s education programs extend beyond the walls at 445 North Main and into your community. Whether joining us for programs like Chalk It Up or Family Day, enjoying Taco Friday, or interacting with Artpace at an outreach event, we invite your family to keep up with Artpace throughout the greater San Antonio area.

University Programs

Artpace’s university programs offer a wide range of free interdisciplinary services and programs to faculty, classes, and students. Semester-long internships are offered in Archives, Director’s Office, Education, Public Programs, Communications, and Studio. Internships offer valuable hands-on experience and students gain the skills necessary for career development. Resources include guided tours, public programs, an extensive Archive, and Career Talks.

Adult Programs

From casual encounters to distinguished lectures, Artpace has something for everyone. Our events are created with the audience in mind to help introduce, reconnect, or expand their connection with Artpace artists, curators, and exhibitions.


Artpace believes that volunteers are an integral part of the organization, and seeks individuals who are excited about contemporary art. Volunteers will apply their creativity and enthusiasm to a wide range of projects.

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