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Artpace nurtures the freedom to dream and we want to support the creative process in your school or organization.
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Artpace offers a variety of free art experiences to introduce and inform students’ understanding of contemporary art. Each option is led by our Artpace Educators, a team of highly skilled, trained, and seasoned art educators from around the community, who are eager to share their love of contemporary art. Activities are developed in alignment with TEKS and aim to help students Look, Learn, Create, and Reflect.

Experience the full Artpace Education suite with three separate interactions, including an Introductory Visit, Tour, and Reflection Visit.

  • 1. Introductory Visit: An Artpace Educator visits your classroom or organization to lead a thematic, interdisciplinary workshop introducing Artpace and contemporary art.
  • 2. Tour: We welcome your group to Artpace for a tour of our ever-changing contemporary art exhibitions, using inquiry-based questions and discussion focused on discovery. Following the tour, students will create their own piece of art inspired by the artwork they’ve seen, and have the opportunity to eat lunch on our famous Artpace rooftop.
  • 3. Reflection Visit: To round out the learning experience, an Artpace Educator will return to your classroom or organization to facilitate an additional TEKS-aligned workshop reflecting on the group’s Artpace tour.

Outreach Event

Invite us to your public or private event, and our Artpace Educators will bring a contemporary art project to the party. Each participant will be guided through the project, and will leave with their very own unique creation, inspired by an Artpace artist or exhibition.


Looking for a way to personalize your Artpace encounter? Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll collaborate to create the perfect experience for your group.