Iván Argote

Iván Argote

  • Paris, France / Bogotá, Colombia
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About Iván Argote

Iván Argote’s public space performances, videos, films, sculptures, collages, poster campaigns and public space installations generate questions about how we relate to the others, to the state, to patrimony and traditions. Argote makes political and sociological critics and proposals using affection, emotions and humour as subversive tools, with which he tries to generate spaces of dialogue away from polarisation and confrontational rhetorics.

Iván Argote was born in Bogotá in 1983. He grew up in the middle of a politically engaged family who’s still active in the Colombia’s political landscape. Iván Argote made his studies of Cinema and Graphic Design (simultaneously) in the National University of Colombia, then at age of 23 he moved to Paris and studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris school. Since then he’s based in Paris where his studio is located. He frequently moves to different countries with his team to do research, work on site specific installations and films shootings.

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