Katja Strunz

Katja Strunz

  • Berlin, Germany
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About Katja Strunz

The undulating angular forms of recent installations, sculptures, and works on paper by Berlin-based Katja Strunz suggest the rhythmic progression of time. Strunz’s works depart from the rigidity of geometry to offer a conceptual exploration of the development of memory and the cyclic nature of history.

The dynamic wedged angles of Herbstzeitlose/Saffron Meadow (2005), a sculpture constructed of oxidized steelsheet, offer a visual representation of chronology. The work is a wall-bound group of isosceles triangles, a series of oblique metal forms that resemble folded paper. Strunz activates the multiple axes in this sculpture to explore the relationship between the obdurate material and the area surrounding the work. The resulting composition integrates positive and negative space to establish an environment in a state of constant flux—a corollary to the flexible relationship between space and time.

Katja Strunz was born in Ottweiler, Deütschland, in 1970 and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. She received her Meisterschuler from Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1998. She has presented solo projects at the Museum Haus Esters, Krefeld, Germany (2007, 2006); Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York, NY (2006, 2001); and The Modern Institute, Glasgow, UK (2003, 2001). Her work has been included in Art Scope, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan (2006); Ars Viva 04/05 – Zeit, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (2005); and I Feel Mysterious Today, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, FL (2004).