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Juana Córdova: Chronicles of Uprooting, Artist Book

During her twenty-year career, Fall 2019 Artpace Resident Juana Córdova has approached topics influenced by the places she has lived. Her work explores the role of the individual in contemporary society and its relationship with nature. Her installations and objects express concern for the environment. Inspired by Juana’s care for nature, in this activity, you […]


Trisha Donnelly: Sound Collage

Trisha Donnelly, 2005 Hudson Showroom Artist, creates artworks that join the realms of sound and visual expression to affect the viewer’s experience.  In this activity, you will use your auditory senses to visualize and create a collage based off a song of your choice.  Materials  A sheet of white paper (any size!)  A sheet of […]


Milagros de la Torre: Systems and Constellations

Spring 2020 Artpace resident Milagros de la Torre is a New York-based artist who primarily works with photography. Her work examines the photographic processes used throughout history that reveal hidden and often dark sociopolitical implications.  In this activity, you will create your own facial constellation.    Materials  A black and white photograph of yourself   Transparent paper (tracing […]


Leigh Anne Lester: Composite Floral Drawings 

Spring 2013 Window Works artist Leigh Anne Lester is a San Antonio-based artist who creates mixed-media versions of amalgamate plant species. Her work merges prehistoric ferns with backyard weeds to create specimens that resemble 18th century botanical illustrations.    In this activity, you will use multiple botanical illustrations to create a contour (an outline) drawing of a hybrid plant.   Materials  Printouts or […]