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Rigoberto Luna: Composite Self-Portraits

 Rigoberto “Rigo” Luna is an artist, designer, curator, and Director and Curator of Presa House Gallery where he has curated over 30 exhibitions with a heavy focus on artists from Central and South Texas. In 2009, Rigo was a featured artist at Artpace Chalk It Up and a showcase artist at Chalk It Up 2012. […]


Simryn Gill: Becoming a Plant

In 1999, spring resident artist Simryn Gill described the inspiration for her exhibition Vegetation as being derived from her desire “to be a plant in the American landscape” and her investigation of the complexities that surround what it means to be indigenous. During her residency, Gill explored the West Texas landscape for native plants and […]


Adam Putnam: Layering Architecture

 In this activity, you will illustrate your own architectural design and reconstruct remnants of classical architecture, led by Adam Putnam, Spring 2013 Resident Artist. Materials Vellum or tracing paper (xerox or notebook paper will also work!) Magazines and/or Google images Tape Writing utensil (pencil, pen, marker) Additional Materials Glue Scissors Instructions Search through magazines or […]


Makerspace: Watercolor Landscapes

In this activity, you will experiment with watercolors to create landscapes. Materials Paper (watercolor paper works best) Fabric, about 10” x 10” (muslin, canvas, and old t-shirts work, too!) Embroidery hoop Watercolors Brushes Painting reference (go outside or use a photo!) Instructions Select a reference. This can be done by going outside, looking out a […]