Recursos Para El Educador

¡Haz De Artpace Parte De Tu Clase! Los Estudiantes VeráN, AprenderáN, CrearáN Y ReflexionaráN Sobre El Arte ContemporáNeo A Través De Estos Planes De LeccióN Innovadores Que Conectan A Los Artistas Y Exposiciones De Artpace Mediante El DiáLogo, Descubrimiento Y Conceptos Multidisciplinarios.
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(English) Pak Sheung-Chuen: Newspaper Collages

Pak Sheung-Chuen also known as “Tozer” is a writer along with being an artist. In Hong Kong from 2004-2006, Tozer was a columnist of the (Sunday) Mingpao Daily Newspaper. While in San Antonio, Tozer will be writing fourRead more

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(English) Matthew Ronay: Animals, Environments, and Patterns

Matthew Ronay develops fantasy installations within gallery spaces. This lesson will promote and encourage student’s imagination to creating his or her own fantasy animal and forest environment. Students will learn about Ronay’s artwork, and the importance of hisRead more

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(English) Juan Miguel Ramos: Drawing and Photoshop

In this lesson students will develop an understanding between the connection of art and Photoshop. Within contemporary art the technology that is in artists grasp is exponentially beneficial. Students will gain a basic understanding of Photoshop tools and how theRead more

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(English) Adam Putnam: Layering Architecture

In this lesson students will analyze and expand upon architecture. Referencing basic architectural elements students will illustrate their own column, arch, dome, etc. Then adorning their drawing with a separate element will promote students creativity and appropriation for their ownRead more