Recursos Para El Educador

¡Haz De Artpace Parte De Tu Clase! Los Estudiantes VeráN, AprenderáN, CrearáN Y ReflexionaráN Sobre El Arte ContemporáNeo A Través De Estos Planes De LeccióN Innovadores Que Conectan A Los Artistas Y Exposiciones De Artpace Mediante El DiáLogo, Descubrimiento Y Conceptos Multidisciplinarios.
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(English) Michael Menchaca: Mesoamerican Codices

In this lesson we will be acquainted with the Mesoamerican culture. Just like children’s books, Mesoamerican Codices told stories using imagery and so does Michael Menchaca’s artwork. Students will be creating their own codice using a variety ofRead more

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(English) Tala Madani: One Point Perspective

The students will start by discussing and identifying the vocabulary of one-point perspective and the characteristics of it. Using Tala Madani’s recent artwork as a starting point we will analyze how she portrays depth on a 2-dimensionalRead more

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(English) Rigoberto Luna: Vinyl Self-Portraits

If you had to describe yourself to another by only showing them objects, what would these objects be? This lesson will appraise individuality, allowing students to identify their personality and how to represent it through artistic expression. Students will scanRead more

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(English) Thomas Hirschhorn: Assemblage

This lesson will enable students to experiment with various found materials to create a monochromatic assemblage work of art. During this process students will question and criticize the use and application of everyday objects. Using common materials such as cellophaneRead more