Artpace Associate Educators meet UT Austin’s Dr. Paul Bolin

Ernesto Olivo touring students through Anya Gallaccio’s «This much is true.» Photo credit Francisco Cortes.


As an Artpace Associate Educator, I am always looking to make my tours special for each individual. There is no standard method when walking students through an exhibition. One has to keep in mind that every student has a different way of looking, perceiving, and learning–especially when viewing contemporary art.

The University of Texas, Austin’s Assistant Chair of Art Education Dr. Paul Bolin was a recent guest at an Artpace Associate Educator orientation. Artpace tours are inquiry-based, and Dr. Bolin gave us a great perspective on asking questions. On a personal level, he made me consider anew how I approach a tour with students in Artpace’s galleries. It’s not only about knowing your audience, but also making your questions relevant in order to maximize their impact. It was inspiring to hear his ideas and stories from his own educational experiences. I am truly grateful that he shared his knowledge and time with the Artpace Associate Educators.

-Ernesto Olivo, Artpace Associate Educator