Fall 2006 Window Works

The Last of The Real Thing

  • Fall 2006 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Sep 21,2006 - Nov 26,2006
  • About the artist
  • Rhonda Kuhlman at work cropRhonda Kuhlman

    Based in San Antonio, Rhonda Kuhlman reclaims the refuse of the streets-candy wrappers, tin cans, and thrift items-and returns it to the public as architectural sculptures and interactive installations. Taking cues from the make-do attitude of folkRead more

About the exhibition

Kuhlman’s WindowWorks project, The Last of The Real Thing, transforms Artpace’s light-filled front exhibition area into a shimmering tropical paradise that comments on the rise of industrialization and its harmful health effects. The space is dotted with sandy spits and “sugar cane” islands made of verdant green mosaic squares and towers of recycled Mexican Coca-Cola, one of the few remaining sodas made with unprocessed sugar cane. Complete with a functional hammock, the interactive project playfully focuses on the prevailing practice of forsaking natural foods for less nutritious refined varieties.