Spring 2007 Window Works

Existence is Fertile: Unsettlement

  • Spring 2007 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Feb 08,2007 - Apr 29,2007
  • About the artist
  • photo credit: Todd JohnsonRandy Wallace

    Randy Wallace’s conceptually driven performances and interactive sculptures utilize play to discomforting ends. Like carnival events gone awry, his installations involve viewers in games of give-and-take that cultivate the awkward. For Tosser (2005) the artist constructed aRead more

About the exhibition

Randy Wallace’s two-part WindowWorks exhibition projects both promise and warning. Existence is Fertile: Unsettlement draws on the frightening side of fairy tales. Against Artpace’s windows the artist has built half of a charming yet foreboding cabin-the sort visited by Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White. A glance through the window’s glass panes reveals a not-so-sunny interior strewn with various props that will appear and disappear before the building ultimately decays and vanishes from the site. From week to week, one might discover a cooling pie, an eerie creature, or a ghostly lumberjack. The second work, Existence is Fertile: The Exchange, is an audio piece accessed by dialing a number written on the cabin’s wall. The detailed, methodical recording expands on the artist’s process and the dually unsettling and reassuring nature of folklore.