Spring 2008 Window Works


  • Spring 2008 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Feb 07,2008 - Jun 08,2008
  • About the artist
  • Mark Hogensen at work cropMark Hogensen

    Mark Hogensen employs heightened perspective and a bold palette in his work, combining irregular shape and illusory form to create abstractions that appear to jump off of the wall. Drawing parallels to architecture and landscape, his imagery evokes a senseRead more

About the exhibition

For his Window Works exhibition, Home/Work, Hogensen furthers his investigation of environment by combining abstract form with video projection, a new medium for the artist. In Home/Work the windows are screened with a series of two-dimensional, black plywood forms. The wooden images depict an abstracted representation of a domestic scene. Hogensen sheaths the forms in translucent fabric, resulting in a sequence of negatives that capture interior shadows by day and projected images by night. During business hours, onlookers from the street will see the shapes of Artpace employees going about their daily routine; at night, four projections will feature the profiles of human figures acting out domestic duties. Hogensen’s WindowWorks exhibition explores both the domestic and professional aspect of our lives. By integrating these two activities, the artist expresses our negotiation of public and private spheres-conveying the variance of modern life.