Summer 2007 Window Works


  • Summer 2007 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Jun 21,2007 - Sep 23,2007
  • About the artist
  • photo credit: Todd JohnsonAndrea Caillouet

    Andréa Caillouet’s understated videos and installations dwell upon commonplace subjects that reveal the equilibrium of the human condition. Acting as a catalyst for meditation, her site-specific interventions employ the minutiae of everyday life, guiding viewers toward introspectiveRead more

About the exhibition

In Drive, Caillouet frosted the window façade of the exhibition space, selectively exposing a series of trapezoidal shapes that represent the profile of car windows. Viewed only from the exterior of the building from dusk until dawn, video projections cast light into the translucent shapes, illuminating the landscape seen while riding in a car. Seemingly drawn from Americana, the domestic scenes depict grassy lawns, packed driveways, and sunset vistas. By inverting our sense of space-the interior and exterior, urban and domestic-Caillouet disrupts conventional order to reconstruct our interpretation of residential environments. The dizzying effect of vacillating focus and speeding images creates a heightened level of awareness, similar to the experience of traveling in unfamiliar areas.